Everyone is scared of him, but when you get right down to it, Kraken just wants a big hug.


Goost may be see through, but he tends to get noticed. No one can understand a word he’s saying with that chain in his mouth, but we’re sure it’s terrifying.


Bloob spends most of his time chasing his eyeballs around. As sticky as he is, they don’t want to stay in for some reason.


Don’t let the extreme fuzz fool you. Sparta is one of the most vicious little monsters around.


It’s said that this creature comes from space, though no one knows from where exactly. One thing is for sure, it will eat anything.


Fosco’s stench is legendary. That beard of his absorbs every odor he comes across, and he loves every one of them.


Blazor’s a little too hot to just grab up. Still, if you have marshmallows, he’s not the worst monster to have around.


Imagine the most annoying sound possible. Now imagine something making that sound while it wants to bite your toes. That’s Jarky.


When nature finally takes the Earth back, Lilly will rule it all. She might not know what to do with it, but she’ll rule it.


Brock likes to run around hitting things with his head; however, if he hits you, it’s completely by accident.


While his ability to carry on two separate conversations at once is impressive, it is by far the scariest thing about him.


Maybe it’s because his toes are always icy but Yeto is always in a bad mood.


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For some reason, he’s in love with the idea of being a Monster. While he doesn’t count as one, MoBot can help you move the Monsters around.


Mani can be any other Monster you need to make higher valued sets on Monsters! He’s essentially a wildcard, and will only be available through the Kickstarter campaign!

Loch & Nessie

Whoever said two heads are better than one, was never chased by Loch & Nessie. These guys count as two different Monsters when you turn them in, and will only be available through the Kickstarter campaign!